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The Indian Institutes of Management have been the archetype of management schooling in India since their foundation after our independence in 1947. Established in 2015, IIM Bodh Gaya is setup under the mentorship of IIM Calcutta, the oldest IIM in the country. In its initial three years IIM Bodhgaya adopted the methodology of its mentor. Following similar academic rigour providing the standard specialisations such as Finance, Marketing and HR and having professors from IIM Calcutta helping IIM Bodhgaya to form its base. Furthermore, with an able director at the helm, IIM Bodh Gaya moved forward recruiting its own faculty members proficient in research & teaching and laying foundation to its permanent campus.

Currently IIM Bodhgaya has become one of the first IIM among new generation of IIMs of being self-sufficient. The current curriculum involves intensive case studies, engrossing field work, role plays and continuous corporate interaction workshops. The program has been conceived to provide world-class management education to meet the requirements of enterprises across sectors by producing highly skilled management professionals. With every single passing year IIM Bodhgaya strives to becomes a better version of itself.




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